Mark Carey in Into the Breach

To book Into the Breach for your School or local venue either call Mark on 01608 682106 or email him at markcandbill@onetel.com

'Into the Breach' is an excellent piece of drama for school children. The play is based around Shakespeare's Henry V, making the play easy for children to understand and enjoy.

Ross Simpson, the Director of First Act Workshops, recently wrote about the show- "...this show was recently performed for an audience of 50 young people in Birmingham. They completed a questionnaire following the performance and their response was overwhelmingly positive. The play tells the story of an ordinary man who gets involved in a production of Henry V. It offers a unique and exciting introduction to Shakespeare.

Into the Breach is 90 minues long and can be played with or without an interval. The simple set fits into any space from a classroom to a large school hall or theatre....."

"The students learned more about Shakespeare in the ninety minutes than a whole term in the classroom" - Iain Blaikie, Head, Alcester Grammar

"I didn't know those year sevens could sit so still. Really inspiring. - Marie Jones, Newent Community School

"My son, who is allergic to Shakespeare, now wants to see a production of Henry V. Result!" - Tracie, Exeter College

"It was great that Mark was happy to spend time with the students after the peformance to talk about Shakespeare's life and work, Henry the Fifth, drama and the world of Theatre." - Sarah, Drama Teacher, Hull

"What a wonderful idea for a play. The children were enthralled from start to finish." - Michael, St Peters School, Walthamstow

"The girls got a huge amount from Into the Breach." - Cas Briton, King Edward's, Birmingham

"The Shakespeare was explained in such a unique and clear way I understood it fully for the first time. We loved every minute." - Sarah, Stratford College

"That was really awesome. I'm buzzing with it!" - Ben Law aged 10, Ilmington Primary School