A big hello from the leading players of Lowford Drama Club (incorporating The Lowford and District Shove Appenny Society)

GEORGE CROCKER Into the Breach by Mark Carey
I was born in Lowford and have done odd jobs here for many years. I can fix leaky taps, shore up air raid shelters and distemper any room  from the smallest scullery to the biggest back bedroom.  My ambition is to play Mother Goose in the panto’ of that name.  I’d also like to play an ugly sister alongside my mate Ticker.




SIMON TROTTLEY BARNESInto the Breach by Mark Carey
It must have been over forty years ago that I first walked down Shaftesbury Avenue and felt immediately at home. I trained at the Edna Pickersgill school for acting and rhythmic movement  above the Home and Colonial Stores on Clapham High Road and at the RADA. My first professional engagement was in the Bardss Dream and  those who saw my Bottom at Lincoln Rep’ still talk of it to this day. Apart from the Theatre (which is my life) I enjoy whist, rambling and a spot of watercolour  landscape painting. I co wrote and performed in a revue called 'Over to you Lionel' which ran at the Conaught, Worthing for two weeks. Favourite parts include Hamlet, King Lear and Othello, sadly I haven’t played any of these roles but they do remain favourites.


Into the Breach by Mark Carey


I have made costumes for the Lowford Drama club for several  years  as well as painting many a set for the Forthbury Amateur Rotary Theatre Society. The last time I did any acting was as a girl at Teignmouth Grammar, I played Iago to Cynthia Gore-Grahams’ Othello. Cynthia went on to be stage manager at the Bristol old Vic and has spent a lot of time under Talcum Evans the Artistic director.




Into the Breach by Mark Carey

I served with distinction in both the Boer and Great Wars. The Great War was great but the other campaign was a bit, what can I say, a bit of a bore. I took a shard of shrapnel in Arras and to this day have to sit down rather gently.
In the Theatre, not of war but… the other kind I have played Denis in As you want it, Colin in Two Gentleman called Veronica and the County Essex in Romeo and Juliet.
I have arranged the fights for various stage plays but stopped after two actors were injured during a production of The Importance of being Earnest. 
I rather enjoy the old G and S and have had a certain amount of success in Ruddygood, The Chandeliers and Trial by Jerry.


ARTHUR  (Ticker) TIMEPIECE  Into the Breach by Mark Carey
The worlds of Elizabethan Drama and Maths have always held an interest for me. I have recently memorized all the plays of Christopher Marlowe and pi up to 5,000 decimal places.
I’ve lived at Church Cottage all my life, my Father was born there as was my Grandfather and all the way back to the days of William the Conqueror. Maybe it’s time I got George round to plumb in a tap.